– Keymacro lets you record any keystrokes by the Keymacro event.
– Add, change and remove macros in the Edit Macro dialog.
– Load, save and change the Keymacro settings.
– See and hear what Keymacro does when you type your keys.
– Record keystrokes with a single key press and a single key release.
– Add macros to the Keymacro list.
– Automatically Start macro when you press a key in the list.
– Stop recording any keystroke when a key is released.

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In-app purchases in iPhone: several ways of implementing it

I am creating an application where I would need to purchase the in-app items in it. I came across several ways to implement this. Please let me know which is the best way to do it, so that I can go ahead with it.
My initial approach:
In my application, I am going to have a button, which will open iTunes, where I can make the purchase. I have decided to do this because I read that, many developers have success stories of implementing this kind of functionality.
I want to do this as seamlessly as possible.
I am using the codes found here and here.
I am not sure if I am heading towards the right direction. Please guide me. Thanks.


Your first approach is actually one of the most successful approaches to in-app purchases in the App Store. There are a lot of people who use iTunes to buy their app from the App Store, because in the past it was a painless process.
You want to make the user experience as smooth as possible and if he wants to buy something, it should be as easy as 384a16bd22

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This macro allows you to automate the process of generating a bill of materials for the type of material you use.
With this tool you can design any bill of materials in such a way that it allows you to easily make changes to it, to save it in different formats and to generate, print, email or export this bill of materials.
This Macro enables you to use the design part of a bill of materials (BOM) in an easy-to-use, consistent, and reliable way.
Creating the most efficient BOM
As an example, imagine you want to design the bill of materials of a kitchen gadget, and that you can’t find a good and accurate tool to do that. In this situation, you have to start designing from scratch and manually creating a set of lists that cover all the steps for your design, like specifying the materials, choosing the specific functions, the assembly lines, etc.
If you have used Excel before, you know that it’s very easy to make simple modifications to these lists, but this is the part where a lot of design errors happen.
On the other hand, if you are a beginner in bill of materials designing, you may be afraid that you will not be able to finish creating the BOM before the deadline, so you may feel like starting the designing process from scratch.
With the Macro you can create your BOM from scratch or modify and save it in a consistent format, so you don’t have to worry about the errors that may happen.
BOM creation in Excel, with the Macro
As an example, let’s assume you have a small kitchen gadget, and that it has a number of parts, that in turn have a number of different functions, that you want to keep track of.
Let’s also assume that the BOM may change at any point, and that you don’t want to design it manually every time, but you do want to keep track of the design modifications that you make.
To make it easy to design the BOM, it should be in an Excel table, in such a way that you can easily save it, modify it and create as many variants of it as you want.
To do so, you need to create a macro, then define how you want to name the various parts, how you want to organize the data, and how you want to describe each of the parts, functions and assembly lines, and also how you want to categorize the items.