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Blind Dating

Flirting and Responding

What you need to do is learn how to be charming, interesting, and genuine. Pick up on the conversations that are going on. Flirt, but only in ways that are in good taste and that will help you to reach the potential romantic goal you are pursuing. First, it’s important to connect to the person you’re talking to.

You need to recognize that each person you meet has a different level of interest in you and that what they’re looking for is different from what you’re looking for. The only way to figure this out is to keep talking to them. Ask questions, make observations, and make sure to keep things light and fun. Offer a compliment, or something to change the subject. Make conversation a priority—and make sure that you’re always making it.

If someone stops talking to you, do not be offended. I’m sure you can think of many people who have stopped talking to you without you even realizing it. It’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

You may be a slow talker at the beginning, and you may need some time to figure out what you are comfortable with, what you are comfortable with your interests, and how much you can talk about. My initial advice would be to start small and light. If you do not feel comfortable talking to a new person about a specific topic, don’t. Wait until you know them better.

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Ask them about themselves.

Ask about how they’re doing. Be interested in their hobbies and listen intently. This way, you’re not fishing for information. You’re genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Choose a question that you think might resonate with them. You may want to ask about them, or about something that you care about. Or, you may ask a question that they’ve answered before. Whatever the case, you need to ask a question that will open them up.

Offer your opinion.

If they offer theirs first, you can either agree or disagree with it (because it’s not your place to have a negative opinion). Tell them that you liked their suggestion or gave your own opinion. You don’t have to stay on topic, but it’s not a bad idea to start with that topic.

Ask questions and then listen.

This tip is especially helpful when you’re getting to know someone. When you ask a question, make
Finding a match that’s right for you is a huge part of what can make or break a dating experience, but if you’re willing to do a little experimenting (and do what works for you), you can do it on your own terms and find that special someone. We’ve broken down what you need to do to meet and, hopefully, fall for someone special.

Create a dating profile you’ll be proud of

Dating profiles that are well-written, attractive, and honest are key to finding dates. Create a profile that you’ll be happy to share with friends and family and doesn’t sound like it was written in 15 minutes by a guy. Also consider sharing some personal hobbies and habits with your date, either through a text or on your profile. Don’t make it about you: It’s about them. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind before you start:

Writing a dating profile, even the simplest ones, is a huge part of your online dating experience. It’s actually one of the first things your prospective match will read, so you need to make it amazing. Consider that your profile is akin to that first conversation you ever had. You’ll be sitting across from someone you’ve never met before. Either way, the fact that you’ll be the one to speak first should put you a head above the competition.

Know what your goals are and what you want to see in your dates

Focusing on a future relationship is better than focusing on someone right now. So if, let’s say, you are looking for a booty call or someone to see where things go—preferably someone who has a similar level of attractiveness and shows that you’re not completely set on your ideas of what you want—be open to the possibility.

If you want to find someone long-term, however, keep your expectations realistic. If you’re not willing to give up your day-to-day life to live with someone or go on a first date every single time you see someone interesting, you’re going to be really disappointed when you realize you’ve found the one.

Focus on the essentials

An easy way to get dates (and save time, too) is to focus on a specific type of person you are attracted to. If you are more attracted to men, focus on meeting men. If you’re interested in women, concentrate on women. If you find yourself really bored, you may want to limit dates to places where you don’t

Online Dating Memes 🔹

This guide to love and relationships includes everything from the rules of dating etiquette to tips on navigating your first big date, going on a second date, and meeting the love of your life. You’ll also learn some fun factoids about the modern dating scene, from techniques on how to confidently strike up a conversation with a new date to the best places for finding love in the 21st century. Plus, a few helpful resources and dating quotes make your time online a little more enjoyable.

Updated for 2020

Step 1: What to Wear

Dating etiquette is pretty obvious—it’s about common courtesy and kindness to those around you. But it’s easy to get confused about what you should wear when you’re going on a date. If your parents are cool with you dating in your pajamas, do your parents approve of that night of power sleeping at your partner’s place? What if he or she thinks it’s funny that you put a stuffed unicorn on your head?

Do your own homework before venturing into the dating world. Read through your local alternative or classic dating advice and learn more about what’s considered appropriate for dating. Then, keep these tips in mind before making any decisions:

1.Make a Match

Go for something sexy, but nothing too revealing. Your date might be nervous about putting themselves out there, and you don’t want them to make the fatal error of wearing something too revealing. Also make sure that whatever you’re wearing is appropriate for the weather—a short skirt is good in the summer, but a bikini is inappropriate. Just remember, when in doubt, there are some rules of thumb to follow. Bikinis are not only appropriate for summer, but also in the winter. And do not wear underwear beneath your outfit.

2. Choose Your Environment Wisely

When you’re going on a date, you want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to be too comfortable. You want to be dressed in something that will make you feel good, but not so “put together” that you’ll feel inhibited. If you’re at a restaurant, make sure to cover up any small clothing problems. If you’re at a bar, a cocktail dress will certainly hold up, but a tank top or open-back dress is more appropriate.

3. Just Be You

What makes you special? What makes someone like you? Your appearance will always be a secondary consideration when you’re going on a date, but you still need to
Chatting up Girls

If you’ve been afraid to approach a girl in a situation where you could have a conversation, you’re not alone. If you feel nervous about approaching strangers, this might be a confidence killer. But if you’re just a little shy, take a deep breath and get out there. There’s no harm in casually chatting someone up if you get the chance.

Think of it like a pick-up line. You’re going for a quick conversation and not going to go further until you make it. Don’t approach a girl if you feel awkward, unless there’s a really good reason to do so. If you approach a girl and your conversation feels awkward, you can do one of three things to fix it:

1) Return to an open conversation. If you see an opportunity to continue the conversation and you feel comfortable doing so, don’t be afraid to walk away and come back.

2) Say something random to spark interest. For example, if you see that the girl is listening intently to a conversation you’re in, just pop out a random observation. Women are really turned on by random and unexpected comments, so by saying something like “Hey, I’m losing you, but I think I see that you and your friend are flirting with each other.”

3) Get them over there. If you see that you can’t get the conversation going on your own, go over and say something like, “Hey, I’ve got to run, but I’ll be back next week.” It’s a subtle approach, but it’s not a bad one. It’s also a quick and easy way to advance the conversation.

A good strategy is to flirt from wherever you are, whether it’s at the bar, standing near a group, or just walking by a popular spot.

Dating Apps

Dating apps really can make you feel a lot more comfortable with strangers. It’s hard to explain why, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t feel comfortable looking for love on the internet. But there are plenty of apps out there that are specifically designed to help you get a date with someone special.


OkCupid is a dating app that has a feature that is different from other apps in that you meet people around you, not just people you’re looking for. Simply create a profile, set your preferences, and get out there. If you want to talk to someone, simply either hit

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission Review (PS5) – Essential DLC That Adds And Evolves The Experience

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Intermission PS5 Review

Narrative Ups And Downs

INTERmission opens with Yuffie arriving at Midgar, occurring at the same time Cloud and company enter the Shinra Building near the end of the base game. Yuffie hails from the Wutai, a former thriving nation diminished by Shinra Co. Much like the Avalanche team, she seeks out a means to dismantle the rule that Shinra has on the land. But, first, she must find her Avalanche affiliates.

She meets a handful of side characters that guide her through her current scenario, but her main companion is Sonon, a Wutai ninja like Yuffie. Sonon’s main motivation stems from seeking revenge on Shinra for killing his sister. Wielding a staff, he compliments Yuffie’s quick hits with bruiser strikes.

Yuffie stands out as a unique character. Her youthful, imaginative mannerisms take some time to acclimate to, since she contrasts everyone else so strongly. At the same time, she grows on you, especially since the rest of the supporting cast lacks much uniqueness. Specifically, only one other character garners worthwhile attention: Scarlet, the head of Shinra’s Weapons Development.

Scarlet stands out in a way that Sonon doesn’t. All of her characteristics and style come through with her actions and statements, while Sonon only receives information through subtext; the difference between showing and telling in storytelling. Scarlet and Yuffie create a welcome back-and-forth while Sonon acts like a motivational fixture as well as the stoic male trope for the majority of the game. He has a personal moment at the end of the game, but his lackadaisical storytelling greatly diminishes the impact.

In reference to the game’s ending, it not only includes more of the original FF7 spinoffs, but it takes its own approach on them. The final moments of the game also add further context to the ending of the core title. Even better still are some extra tidbits and foreshadowing for the second part of this project. You clearly see Tetsuya Nomura’s influences, but they stay far away from the overcomplicated and chatty style from the Kingdom Hearts series.

I also see other style influences and inspirations, especially with some of the villains, but I’ll leave that for you to experience.

Combat Enhancements

Perhaps the strongest contribution the DLC provides is Yuffie’s combat mechanics. She follows all the same formulas as every other character (using an ATB bar to use skills, spells, etc.). At the same time, her weapon changes the game. The other playable characters have clear separation between physical and magical damage, but Yuffie offers something unique.

Her shuriken allows her to command both physical attacks and Ninjutsu. Her physical attacks come from close range damage when using her shuriken in-hand. When using Ninjutsu, she flings her weapon at an enemy, and the shuriken acts as a conduit for the elemental damage. With the shuriken attached to an enemy, Yuffie can press Triangle a second time and close the gap with the target, returning her to physical damage output.

The best part about her Ninjutsu is that she can adjust the element attached to it, even though she only has a couple available options. Spells and Skills remain available to her, which still depend on ATB bars, but using elemental ninjutsu minimizes menu interaction. This comes mostly from using Ninjutsu to build up the stagger bar, which formerly happened thanks to spells and skills. Her versatility adds much variety to an already-varied combat regimen, even though she can’t fight alongside the others here.

As mentioned earlier, Yuffie’s sole combat companion is Sonan, who uses a staff (much like Cid in the original). While you can’t play as him, you still have him at your disposal. Direct commands come from the battle menu like normal, but pressing L2 synchronizes his attacks with Yuffie’s. If you melee, Sonan uses melee, and the same goes for Ninjutsu.

Synchronization opens up synced skills as well. They basically act like harder hitting versions of the skills that Yuffie already has, but they change the game when needing extra damage before a stagger runs out. These attacks lack variety, but the option helps greatly in harder difficulties and does land a mighty impact.

Fun At Fort Condor

Fans of the original will recognize what inspires the Fort Condor mini-game. You control units on a battlefield board, each with their own functions and attacks. Using those units, you attempt to overtake your opponent and win the game. While this seems straightforward, one aspect of this mode convinced me the game felt legitimate and worth including in INTERmission.

With many tactical and defence games, you simply destroy your enemy units and move to the next round. In Fort Condor, that premise remains, but you also must control the field itself. Certain units allow you to push the front line into enemy territory, giving you extra space to work with. The enemy can also push the front line, making for a compelling tactics mode.

Honestly, I grumbled when Fort Condor forced itself upon me near the beginning of the game. However, the way you must control the battlefield swayed me. Combine that with the fights themselves replacing turn-based tactics with combat that has no downtime, and it’s a recipe for success. Much like the remake itself, Square took a turn based formula and adapted it into inspired free flowing action.

Either way, if Fort Condor isn’t your cup of tea, the game only forces the tutorial match on you. So, you don’t have to play it.

Complimentary Content That Is A Worthy Addition To The Remake

Yuffie’s debut is a roaring success, showcasing a unique character with fantastic combat mechanics. The greatest downfall of Intermission is Yuffie’s lackluster supporting cast.

Despite that, Intermission offers something new for everyone in its 3-4 hour main quest. Most downloadable content is missable, but INTERmission delightfully demands your attention by feeling like it adds to the experience the main game offers. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission is another fantastic reason to get your hands on a PS5.

Final Fantasty VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission is available now for PS5.

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The Final Word

Little gets in the way of Yuffie’s debut to the Final Fantasy VII Remake project. Despite her one-dimensional companion, she takes the foreground and never lets it go. Thrilling enhancements to combat and interesting narrative twists and connections make INTERmission worth playing.

The Persistence Enhanced Review (PS5) – A Perfunctory Upgrade Of An Underrated Horror Gem That Is Hardly Transformative

The Persistence Enhanced PS5 Review

A Perfunctory Upgrade Of A Great Horror Effort That Suffers From Poor Ray Tracing Optimization

The Persistence Enhanced provides the sorts of upgrades that you would expect on PlayStation 5, albeit in an uneven way. The DualSense controller is brought to the fore with haptic feedback, which is both satisfying and palpable, but use of the adaptive triggers is sadly absent, making the implementation of DualSense functionality feel a little half-hearted as a result.

the persistence ps5 review 2

Though the new lightning fast loading times are welcome, allowing players to get stuck into the game with little delay or friction, where The Persistence Enhanced does its best work in terms of taking steps above and beyond what was accomplished on last generation platforms, is in the visual side of things which sadly, much like the DualSense implementation, is not all sunshine and face shooting.

First the good, though. The Persistence still looks great and on PS5, those visuals have been refined yet further still with a raft of visible improvements to lighting and texture work which help to elevate it above what the PS4 was capable of. Whether you’re carefully stalking your way down a dank corridor with occasional light flickers bursting into view, or examining the grotesque anatomy of an aberration up close before you see it off with a stealth attack, The Persistence has never looked better.

The most notable part of Firesprite’s approach to bringing the visuals of The Persistence kicking and screaming onto PS5 is the employ of everybody’s favorite new technical feature, ray tracing. In The Persistence Enhanced, the ray tracing options are broken down into ray traced global illumination and ray traced reflections options, allowing the player to choose one or both. The big problem however, is that when both of these options are selected, the framerate absolutely tanks; dropping from an otherwise rock solid 60 frames per second to a hugely unstable framerate that appears to lurk in the 30-50 frames per second area.

the persistence ps5 review 3

That said, if you enable just one of the ray tracing options, the framerate holds up for the most part, so in this sense if you want ray tracing, you’re essentially forced to choose between ray traced lighting and reflections. Given the impressive use of ray tracing in other titles whereupon performance isn’t quite so hammered, it’s difficult to not be disappointed. All the same, developer Firesprite is not an especially large team of folks, so on the other hand it also seems a touch churlish to be frustrated at this given their assumedly stretched resources.

Elsewhere, it’s not hard to think that more should have been made of the PS5’s other impressive capabilities. Indeed, given just how terrifying the horror setting of The Persistence is, the lack of 3D audio in particular seems like a missed opportunity and one that would have surely bolstered the dread of The Persistence’s impressive atmospherics yet further still.

This is the thing; The Persistence Enhanced looks a little better than the already polished PS4 version but largely, outside of faster loading times and haptic feedback, that’s it. Certainly, I would have more pointed criticisms to make if the upgrade to the PS5 version of the game for PS4 owners wasn’t free. As it is though, The Persistence Enhanced represents an incremental upgrade of an already highly enjoyable title (albeit one that is arguably more enjoyable in VR than without), but the extra work done here isn’t quite enough to entice a return to its dark and foreboding corridors if you’ve already been there and done that twice before.

The Persistence Enhanced is out now on PS5. If you own the PS4 version of The Persistence you’ll get a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game.

Code kindly provided by PR.

Chivalry 2 Review (PS5) – A Deliriously Medieval Battlefield Of Chaotic Fun Without Parallel

Chivalry 2 PS5 Review

To The Death! And Missing An Arm…

Chivalry 2 prides itself on it’s chaotic nature more so than it’s nuanced combat system. Whilst there is the opportunity for some level of simulation to be enjoyed, most of my experience has been that of an almost murderous comedy rather than a serious multiplayer game.

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Let’s start with the gameplay; players are usually pitted in teams of 32 against another 32 players. Each map, whether it be the gorgeously dark and splendid Battle of Dark Forest or the simple yet awesome Tournament GroundsPlayers are tasked with either objectives, such as destroying banners, pushing siege towers or defending, or a basic team deathmatch where teams are dwindled down to their last remaining troops, with the last team standing declared the victor.

Combat is a key element to Chivalry 2, which I can happily say is done perfectly. Whilst there’s a basic set of attacks, consisting of stab, overhead and the simple but effective slash, combo-ing these moves is what makes Chivalry 2 special. But what if you’re on the receiving end of these vicious hits

Well, Chivalry also gives you the opportunity to defend, either by a simple block, a counter attack or a jab and a kick to spice things up. There’s a lot of patience and visual moments to take in when entering a battle between an enemy or two, which takes a lot of learning and strategy. But when you take down even one enemy in a long and treacherous fight, it’s such a satisfying experience, but even dying is still a lesson for the future.

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Each player is given the choice to pick between four classes, all of which differ in their strengths and weaknesses. Whilst your best bet to learn mechanics is the Knight, my favourite class is the Vanguard, wielding weapons such as the War Axe causing them to be a destructive force against any enemies. However, they’re health is low, which is where the Achilles heel of the class comes into play. As well as those two classes, there’s also the footman and the archer. The footman excels at short and mid range with melee weaponry to keep charging opponents at a distance and the archer offers support at a long range thanks to his trusty ranged weapons!

Classes each have their own special abilities, as well as subclasses which have their own attributes. All classes are spectacularly balanced, as most of the action comes from the fighting itself and learning how to use the weaponry. I haven’t experienced any moment within the game that I felt was unfair due to balancing issues, as most of my deaths were my mistake from missing visual cues, making me a sandwich for enemies attacks.

Each class has differing weapons to use, war axes that can cause major damage to those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end, longswords which are incredibly balanced statistically, halberds with low damage but high range and so on. I never felt like a certain weapon was more powerful against me, as becoming good with a weapon is all about finding one that fits your play style. I always found myself picking off small groups of enemies with the War Axe, but knowingly leaving myself open to less damaging, but faster weapons.

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But none of this matters without explaining how amazing Chivalry 2 truly is. Beating an armoured up knight with your bare fists is such an exhilarating moment, or taking down one of the objectives in the last moments after working well with your team and you shout at the TV about how happy you are that you won is such a special feeling. Chivalry 2 lends itself to many stories to be told throughout your time within it, whether they’re humorous, or battles in which you succeeded when the odds weren’t in your favour.

The Siege Experience With Chivalry 2

The clang of swords against armour, the noise of breaking wood as someone’s defence finally falls apart and the sounds of battle cries heard over the castle walls are something to behold. There are moments in Chivalry 2 where there’s such an enticing atmosphere that you wish you could take part in the actual world, despite knowing what actually occurs in such a scenario.

I typically found myself taking in a lot of the scenery within each locale of Chivalry 2’s realm. Like the aforementioned Dark Forest, where small flames light up mystical trees filled with enemies lying in wait or the brooding walls of a castle which you’re about to siege. I’ve died many times from just being in awe of what a spectacular looking world Chivalry 2 resides in, and it’s possibly one of the most gorgeous multiplayer games in a long time.

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Player customisation is extensive as it is accessible. Whilst the amount of customisable elements are daunting at first glance, once you see how much you truly can change, it’s absolutely set a bar for future online games. I’ve made a Vanguard which truly feels like my own, whether or not it’s only a matter of skins. The great thing; it’s earnable just by playing the game.

The visual design, sound design and performance are all amazing thanks to the PlayStation 5’s hardware. Playing a game like this is spectacular with 4k resolution and the addition of 60 FPS helps with making sure those fights feel fair, smooth and fun. I have yet to find any moments within gameplay where there is a noticeable drop in frame rate, which is a huge positive.

A Knight To Remember

Whether you’re simply looking for a game to pass the time, or wanting a unique and fresh online experience which will keep you coming back for more, Chivalry 2 is the perfect package for anyone who is looking for the multiplayer game of the year. If you’re looking to play with friends, battle seriously or just enjoy a comedic atmosphere akin to Monty Python in tone, then this is the perfect game for you.

I found myself getting so involved within the environments and action that time flew by before I realised it, and becoming more adept and strong with my favourite weapons was something I really enjoyed doing. I can’t express my love for this game anymore than I have done already.