KEYMACRO is a simple application that can activate any and all shortcuts using only a single keystroke. It will activate, add, and move around your shortcuts, allowing you to customize your system. Just press a single key on your keyboard, and all of the shortcuts you define will be activated!
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KEYMACRO is available in the Mac App Store as Keymacro. Keymacro
is also available in the Mac App Store as Keymacro Free.
KEYMACRO is a program created by John and Mark Callahan of Backspace Software.
Keymacro ( is an application that is designed to
help automate your OS X startup so that you can more quickly launch your applications, as well as help manage and organize them. This App, works by associating itself with your login credentials and launching certain applications upon login or after a sleep or shut down. This is intended to help you manage your applications, and make it easier to launch them upon wakeup and login.
Can your Mac OS X startup be more customizable than it already is? With Keymacro, you can. Simply press a single key on your keyboard, and all of the shortcuts you define will be activated. This can help make the automation of your computer a little easier.
Keymacro is a light application, and has a simple interface, however this application has a lot of options and configuration features. This includes the ability to associate any shortcut key with any program or URL. This is something you can configure or change, and does not require you to have any knowledge of the application itself.
Keymacro also includes features such as a built in web browser, and the ability to send e-mails, even when the application is not running, or your e-mail program is closed. Keymacro also allows you to change your e-mail address.
Keymacro allows you to create shortcut keys for almost anything you need them for. It can be used to customize your Finder, Finder menu, and Finder toolbar, including a web browser, or instant messenger. Also, you can create shortcut keys for many of your common applications, including the text editing software, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, a browser, and even many applications that can help you with your general computing needs.
KEYMACRO Features:
Turn your keyboard into a fully functional keyboard and mouse with just 384a16bd22

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KeyMacer is a fast and reliable software for extracting the key phrases from a live microphone recording. We are the first to introduce the concept of a time-based multi-channel speech detection software. It is also the first to present a multi-channel speech detection algorithm based on the Baum-Welch algorithm. This algorithm is especially useful for those special, sensitive applications, where the professional audio loudness meter can be not an option.
Multi-channel speech detection algorithm is based on the parallel processing of the speech waveforms. This principle of work, ensures high accuracy, the maximum recognition speed and the minimum false positives and negatives. Each channel of the input audio stream is analyzed separately, which is an extremely good solution for those special applications, which need to have the highest accuracy in the recognition of key phrases. In this case, time-based detection is the best option for a multi-channel recognition of the speech.
Multi-channel speech detection software enables the processing of various types of input audio devices. Even if the used input audio device is a telephone (such as Skype) or a special micro-USB mic, the multi-channel speech detection algorithm will still work, producing the recognized text with an accuracy of about 97% (depending on the recording conditions). The software is not bound by the analog input signal levels. It is able to handle all the levels of the audio signal.
Why is Multi-Channel Speech Detection Important?
There are many special applications, which use a speech detection system, however they cannot afford to use a professional audio loudness meter for loudness measurement. There are various reasons, which support this assertion. For example, an AV-out software solution is preferred, where the acoustic environment in an office is mostly quiet and the microphone is placed in the room. In this case, the professional audio loudness meter will produce a level of about 75-85 dB (A). However, the microphone may record a voice with peak levels of about 85 dB (A). If the microphone is not shielded, the speakers may produce an audio level of about 40 dB (A) and, of course, the background noise (caused by office machines). This scenario is the case of using a Skype telephone.
The recorded input audio is stored in a file and the multi-channel speech detection software starts to work. By comparing the result of the comparison with the expected result (the text written by the user), the multi-channel speech detection algorithm will estimate the phrase, which is being spoken. The